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the PressSheet is a quarterly newsletter produced by Pengad Printing Inc. aimed at providing educational and interesting content pertaining to the commercial printing and design industry and its clients.

Rich Black - What it is and How Rich to Go

Get the deepest blacks possible and use varying ink saturations to achieve cool or hot blacks to match the feel of your design. Plus do it all without adding cost.

Integrating Your Web and Print Collateral

How effective are url's printed on the bottom of the page? How can you drive web traffic with your print collateral and when and how to use QR Codes.

Ten Ways to Reduce Pre-Press Costs

Learn about how some basic little tweaks you can make to your design can save you money. If you can do it easily, why pay someone else a premium to?

Package Design Basics

Have a new product or looking to re-design existing packaging but having trouble figuring out where to begin? Check out this simple guide to get you started.

Selecting the Right Stock

This quick quide will help you make the most of your customer's tactile sense. Incorporating touch into your design can leave a lasting impression.

Designing for Specialty Printing Techniques

Specialty printing techniques can set your piece apart from the competition. Learn the basics of begining to design with these techniques in mind.

tip of the month

Combine your design with specialty printing features such as varnishes or a unique paper stock to blast through today's marketing clutter. For example, use a spot gloss to make pictures of your products pop off the page.

A textured paper stock can also increase the length of time your consumer holds onto your piece. Check out paper supplier websites such as Neenah Paper, Smart Papers, and Mohawk Fine Papers to explore the possibilities and ask your commercial print provider for availability.

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word of the month

a•li•as•ing | 'ālēәsi ng |

A pixelated or stair-step appearance that can occur when printing or viewing a low resolution image (below 300 pixels per inch) or outputting a file or image on a low-resolution drive. This is the what causes curves or diagonal lines to appear pixilated or jagged.

More terms available in the Pengad's Online Printer's Glossary.