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Packaging Binding Delivery


Our bindery department can handle most of your finishing needs. With automated stations for cutting, folding and sorting, we can complete 99% of the jobs in-house, saving time and money!









Available Binding Methods


Simply means that the covers are printed on the same paper stock as the inside pages, the most economical binding solution.

Separate Cover
Separate covers are available in a wide selection of finishes, colors & weights.

Perfect Bindingi
This is the most economical way to introduce catalogs and generally can be used for documents with hundreds of pages, depending on the weight of the paper.

Saddle Stitched Binding
Saddle stitch can be used for any size catalog or book up to 96 pages on paper weights up to 60# or 120 pages on papers up to 50#. Saddle stitch binding can accommodate a separate cover of heavier paper.


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A specially mixed ink which creates a specific color to be printed on press. Spot color inks are opaque, not translucent like process color inks. Printing with spot colors requires only one plate to print the color versus four when printing with process colors. Adding a spot color to a process job (usually done to ensure the color value of a logo or other standardized color) adds a fifth plate (one each for cyan, magenta, yellow, black and the spot color).