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Glossary of Print Terms



Trapping is the practice of overlapping two dissimilar colors that meet flush with each other to avoid gaps in coverage caused by misregistration.


The processes of cutting the excess paper from the edges of a press sheet. This is automated in production but often done by hand when proofing.

Trim Marks

Marks printed on a press sheet indicating where a piece is to be cut.

Trim Size

the final size of a book after it has been bound and trimmed.

Type Face

A style or design of type. Type Face encompasses shape, weight and proportions that make it distinct from other type faces.

Type Family

All sizes and weights of a basic type design. Members of a type family may vary in weight, width, or other treatment. A family may include roman, italic, extended, boldface, oblique or heavy treatments of a type face, among others. (Also called font family) EX: Helvetica is a type family / Helvetica Bold is a type face.

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A sheet proceeds through a press and is printed on one side. The gripper grabs the sheet and flips it over from left to right and it is printed on the other side. The same gripper and plates are used for printing both sides.