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Promotional Products

Pengad Printing has developed many products that are easily and affordably customizable for your company's needs. Whether you're making cold calls or communicating with existing customers, innovative promotional products can drastically enhance the customer experience.

We even carry a full line of customizable pens, hats, USB Drives and more available in our Promotional Products Store where you can search through hundreds of promotional products and complete your order all online. There is even a full line of Eco-Friendly products, including sponges, bamboo cutting boards, biodegradable travel kits and seed-infused paper, when you're done reading it, plant it and watch it grow!

Why does a brochure always have to be a tri-fold rectangular piece of paper? Don't get us wrong, we understand that sometimes information needs to be communicated quickly and efficiently and a tri-fold brochure may be the best way. But why not mix it up from time to time?

Pengad will work with you to create eye-popping brochures that are as fun to fold as they are entertaining and informative. This is interactive print at its best.

Four-way Interactive Brochure
This four-way folding square creates a truly unique experience for the user. The four panels provide plenty of space for material and the innovative design will undoubtedly be noticed and shared with friends. For an even more catching design, start the content on the brochure's plus-shaped state.

Custom Brochure Shapes
Who ever said brochures had to be rectangular? Work with us and we'll create a custom die to create an eye popping brochure that practically jumps off the rack.

Have an idea but need help translating it to reality? Give us a call, we'll work with you to make it happen!


Postcards / Direct Mail
Whether your business maintains a direct mail marketing strategy or you need a custom card to follow up with or thank a client, we've got you covered. We can even handle your variable data needs. Whether you're mailing a postcard or a catalog, Pengad delivers.

Business Cards
Many times, a business card is all a potential client has to remember you by. That's a lot of responsibility to give a small piece of paper. Work with us and we'll make sure your business card reflects the character and personality of your business.

From specialty papers to specialty printing techniques, we can help make your business card more than a way to transmit contact information, we'll make it an extension of your brand and personality.


Mobile Integration (QRCodes)
Interested in integrating your online presence with your print material? We can help. Our designers and pre-press men can generate a high quality scalable Quick Response Code (QRCode) to link your print products to your website. Link to your homepage or work with us to create print collateral that matches a customized landing page for promotions or new product launches.

We can even embed your contact information into a QRCode and print it on your business card. This allows your customers to import  your contact information from your business card to their contact list at the push of a button.

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